My Story

Just by chance... While on one of my daily Facebook patrols in the Spring of 2010, I stumbled upon a status update from one of my cousins. She was singing the praises of a wickless candle company that she had recently invested in. A few months prior to her investment, she had tragically caught her home on fire the night before Christmas by leaving a candle unattended and lost everything. Her new found discovery now meant a great smelling home without the risk of what may come with an open flame. Although her sad story may have been what caused me to begin reading her status, it was the idea of having a safe candle that sparked my attention. I love candles. I love a clean smelling home. I love beautiful scents. At this time in my life I was teaching preschool full time. I used a candle in my classroom everyday to have that fresh, not so kid smell. I wanted my classroom to be warm and inviting; to smell pure and cozy. The problem? The open flame. I didn't want to be 'That Teacher.' You know, the one who either endangered the safety of her precious four-year olds, or burned down the school because she didn't think about that still-lit candle when heading out to the playground? I can't even remember how many times I found myself gasping for air when realizing that we had forgot to blow that darn thing out! A thought bubble appeared. "I can sell this stuff!" I had never heard of it prior to this very moment, let alone even experienced it BUT, I KNEW I could sell it! Convincing myself was pretty easy. If I was planning on using it, I would be my best customer. Hello discount! Convincing my husband was another thing. Direct sales and I did not meet eye-to-eye. Jesse knew that. He saw me try and fail at two other companies. The problem with those two other companies? Not their products, but my passion for them. I'm not a big jewelry wearer, and make-up is just make-up in my book...but candles?! I love candles! Remember?! $99 to start isn't a huge price to pay, but an amount that we just couldn't afford at the time. My plan of action? Well, as excited and determined (and let's just admit it, as stubborn) as I was (cough, am), I dragged out a box of old college books to sell online. Guess what? By the end of that day, enough of those books sold to pay for and order my starter kit! And when it arrived at my front door a few days later, guess who was tearing into it to sample all 80+ samples? Not this girl...this girl's skeptical husband! I had created a monster; he had fallen in love with Scentsy too! Fast forward four years... I have discovered my 'Why." During this time selling Scentsy has been to pay for my own habit. I have still been teaching preschool full-time, and still using my SAFE warmer to cozy up my classroom. But at my return from Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 (Convention) I knew that something had to change. There has been a longing for simplicity. A desire to spend more time focusing on my home and my marriage. A longing to have more time to enjoy this life. My recent struggles with anxiety only intensified this need for change, and my experience at Reunion gave me my answer. It was time to take a step of faith, to go all in and chase after my hopes and dreams. Scentsy would no longer be a habit for me, but a way of life. A weight has been lifted. My time and my focus can be used on what matters the most to me. Being able to work my own hours is giving me the freedom to live that simple life that I've been longing for. I can breathe. I have found rest. My hope has been restored. I look forward to growing and building my Scentsy business and would love for you to be able to experience the discovery of your 'Why' too. Contact me about joining my team by starting your own Scentsy business today!